KAS Eupen will play Rupel Boom at the Kehrweg Stadium

KAS Eupen will play their first match in the National Cup at the Kehrweg Stadium on Wednesday, 20th September, against Flemish amateur side Rupel Boom. This was a result of the draw for the Croky Cup round of 16 held on Monday afternoon at the training centre of the Belgian Football Association in Tubize. K. Rupel Boom FC plays in the 2nd Flemish amateur league and will launch its championship bid this weekend. Rupel Boom reached the National Cup round of 16 with a 3-2 away win in Wervik.

Jordi Condom: “We respect our opponent Rupel Boom”

In an initial reaction to the draw, KAS head coach Jordi Condom said: “As a premier league team, we are obviously a favourite to win this match against Rupel Boom. But every match has to be played, and we must also approach this game with respect for our opponent from the amateur league. Last of all, as a semi-finalist last year, we have a good reputation to defend. It’s great, of course, that we can play in front of our fans in our own stadium. We are looking forward to this Cup match.