Ace striker Ole Kallius has his fingers crossed for KAS

KAS Eupen is garnering a lot of support leading up to Sunday’s crucial game against Excel Mouscron. Former KAS striker Ole Kallius has reported in from Hamburg. The striker, who scored 25 goals for KAS Eupen in a single season before moving to Charleroi in the 1970s, has sent a message to KAS Eupen calling on fans to support the team on Sunday. Ole Kallius writes:  “I remain convinced that our KAS Eupen will play in Division 1 next season with a win over Mouscron. I will keep my fingers crossed and ask for fans throughout the region to support our club. Allez, fans of KAS Eupen! Show your support for the club. Ole Kallius sends all fans warm greetings from Hamburg.”

KAS Eupen would like to thank Ole Kallius and all those keeping their fingers crossed for the club and supporting KAS on Sunday.