Alessio Krafft bolsters the youth administration team at KAS Eupen

KAS Eupen has hired a new employee for its youth division. Alessio Krafft, a 25-year-old from Eupen, bolsters the youth division as an assistant to the youth administration team.

The FC Eupen striker, who has already played for Union Walhorn and RFC Raeren, is well-known in the East Belgian football scene.  Following completion of his studies as an educator in the social and sports sector, Alessio Krafft is looking forward to his new role in KAS Eupen’s youth division: “It’s a dream for me to now be able to carry my enthusiasm for football into my job too,” he said, after signing his employment contract at KAS Eupen.

KAS Director General Christoph Henkel is also looking forward to working with Alessio Krafft: “With the hiring of a new assistant for the youth administration team, we are bolstering our youth division and can continue the ongoing development in this area.”