In partnership with “SAVE it”

In a great event, the secondary school students of the KAE in Eupen were trained in the topic of fair play on Good Friday. At first “The Ball” was presented and after a short break about 60 students were allowed to participate in practical workshops. FairPlay could be experienced in a creative way with a theater instructor as well as through teambuilding activities. The importance of a positive, communicative and appreciative attitude towards others and the new has been emphasized. “It was really fun. I was finally able to play football with significantly better players, without having to be afraid of being laughed at”, said a student. In a specially designed fair play football game every participant was able to participate. Especially refreshing were the creative celebrations for a goal, which are to be made by BOTH teams after scoring or receiving a goal.

Reflection rounds at the end of each unit helped the participants in their groups to deal with the topic of fair play even more intensively and from different perspectives.

In the evening, the coaches’ workshop for the youth coaches of the KAS Eupen was scheduled. Even without spring-like temperatures, the music and the fair play rules of “The Ball” during the training game got the coaches down to business. Here the coaches and staff diligently discussed, reflected and philosophized about the relevance of practical Fair Play for the ambitious youth section.

The next day the play-off game against Beerschot was scheduled. “The Ball” – like the kick-off for this match was a header of both captains. Jürgen Klopp as patron had previously asked on the video screen to support this initiative.

On Sunday the first team of KAS Eupen signed the ball and gave “The Ball” also a companion on the long road to Russia.

With SAVE It we want to emphasize the importance of values ​​and their meaning for a good and inclusive coexistence. Whether supporter, player, coach, supervisor or parent – we, the KAS Eupen, stand for an appreciative and respectful togetherness and want to further promote this practically and actively.