KAS coach Claude Makelele in an interview with Lazlo Bölöni

Following his team’s 2-1 victory over KAS Eupen, Antwerp coach Lazlo Bölöni was obviously happy and in the mood for a joke. Even before the end of the official interview with the TV reporters, Bölöni reached for the microphone himself and called over his Eupen coaching counterpart Claude Makelele. “Maké!, Claude! Viens un petit peu!” (“Come here a minute!”). Claude Makelele accepted the invitation with good humour and chatted with his colleague about the play-off match that had taken place on Wednesday evening. Among other things, Lazlo Bölöni was interested to find out where Claude Makelele had found his “Chinese or Japanese player” – he meant Yuta Toyokawa – who had kept FC Antwerp so busy. Claude Makelele was full of praise for his Japanese striker, who was lightning fast, able to keep opposing defenders occupied at all times and also able to get the better of stalwart defenders. Click HERE for the casual chat between the coaches of the two Pro League clubs from Antwerp and Eupen.