KAS Eupen thanked its “Capo” Mike Thissen

The last home game of the 2017-2018 season on Saturday night against KV Oostende also coincided with the final grand appearance by Mike Thissen on the T2 grandstand of the Kehrweg Stadium.

For the last 16 years, Mike Thissen has sung the chants as ‘Capo’ and urged the KAS Eupen team forward. To recognise his fantastic support, the KAS Eupen team thanked Mike Thissen for warming up before the game against KV Oostende and presented him with a jersey signed by all players and a souvenir picture. Even the friendly KV Oostende fans took advantage of the opportunity to experience Mike Thissen’s final appearance side by side with him and, along with Mike, to whip up the atmosphere in the stands. Following the final whistle, KAS Director Christoph Henkel made his way to the Eupen fan block and thanked Mike Thissen for his extraordinary efforts in supporting KAS Eupen.

We say it again here: THANK YOU, MIKE!!!