Many visitors attend the KAS Eupen fan talk

The KAS Eupen fan talk at Café Penalty was well attended on Friday. Following a successful season, KAS directors Christoph Henkel and Thomas Herbert, as well as Ralph Thomassen from the youth division, fielded questions from KAS fans during a lively discussion.

Financial director Thomas Herbert announced that KAS Eupen will be offering an improved package for season tickets within the next few days, with fans being offered more free games compared to the day ticket. In addition, prospective bidders can opt for an annual subscription before the start of the 2017-2018 season with or without the playoff games.

In terms of the sports division, KAS CEO Christoph Henkel reviewed the plans for the new season and was confident that KAS Eupen will head into the upcoming season with a high-performance team that has the potential to develop. Specifically, Christoph Henkel announced the drafting of three young players to KAS Eupen from the Aspire Academy.

After the official part of the fan talk, the evening at Café Penalty concluded with personal exchanges focusing on other football issues relating to KAS Eupen.