Much praise for hosting it at KAS Eupen’s Kehrweg Stadium

KAS Eupen’s Kehrweg Stadium was the venue for the Belgian Women’s Cup Final last Saturday. In an open and interesting game, Standard Liège won the trophy in front of 1500 spectators with a 2-0 victory over the ladies from KRC Genk.

Following the match there was much praise and recognition for the Kehrweg Stadium and for KAS Eupen. The representatives of the Belgian Football Association, who hosted the meeting, thanked KAS Eupen for the club’s hospitality and the helpfulness and dedication of their numerous assistants.

The president of URBSFA, Gérard Linard, was in Eupen for the first time and was impressed by the warm atmosphere and good conditions at the Kehrweg Stadium.

The representatives of the two finalists, Standard Liège and KRC Genk, also highlighted the great conditions offered by hosting the final on a pitch perfect for playing on.

Joseph Rademaker, KAS Eupen’s representative within the Belgian Football Association and honorary member of the Executive Committee, chimed in with more good wishes, “We would like to sincerely thank all those who contributed to the success of this afternoon in Eupen,” he said.