QMUSIC visits Eupen’s Kehrweg Stadium

Popular Flemish radio station QMUSIC is broadcasting the quiz ‘De Middenstip’ as a prelude to the 2018 World Cup. Every Friday, QMUSIC reporter Vincent Fierens reports from the centre circle of a Belgian stadium and gives listeners some inside information on the club he is currently visiting. The listeners have to guess which stadium QMUSIC is at. Whoever sends the fastest SMS with the correct answer wins a World Cup jersey of the Belgian national team.

At 07.45 this Friday, Vincent Fierens reported from KAS Eupen’s Kehrweg Stadium. The winner of the World Cup jersey was decided even before he had started the Eupen fan song Humba-Humba-Tatar. The clue that the club’s coach had formerly played for Real Madrid dispelled any remaining doubts and confirmed that QMUSIC was reporting this time from KAS Eupen’s stadium.