Reallocation of stands at KAS Eupen’s Kehrweg Stadium


The home game against KV Mechelen will mark the realisation of a long-cherished dream of KAS Eupen and its fans. The reallocation of stands in the Kehrweg Stadium means that KAS Eupen fans can use the large T2 stand for the first time. Fans of visiting teams can now access the T4B stand via a new entrance in the area of the upper Kehrweg.

The reallocation of stands means that all KAS Eupen fans shall enter the T1, T1bis, T2 and T3 stands exclusively via the Kehrweg. This will provide visitors with direct access to the Penalty clubhouse. Other advantages of the reallocation of stands include an increased capacity for seating and standing for KAS Eupen fans, more comfort and definitely an improved atmosphere within the stadium. The organisational advantages of the new regulation also include a better use of the parking areas near the stadium as well as the traffic calming in the residential district of Schönefeld – Peter Becker Strasse The Schönefeld entrance will be completely closed off.

The new regulation is a result of close cooperation between the city of Eupen, the police and KAS Eupen. 

History from 2010 to 2017 

2010: Since the expansion of the Kehrweg Stadium upon promotion to the D1 in 2010, the large T2 stand has been reserved for fans of visiting teams. The T1, T1bis, T3 and T4 stands have been used by KAS Eupen fans. Home fans used to access the stadium via Schönefelderweg. This configuration allowed KAS Eupen to comply with the requirements of the authorities responsible for safety. This scheme lasted for 7 years.

2017: The concept for the stand reallocation developed by the city of Eupen, the police and KAS Eupen enables KAS Eupen fans to use the large T2 stand for the first time. Associated with this are the use of parking facilities along the Frankendelle even for security level C games, as well as access to the stadium via the main entrance on Kehrweg. For the fans of visiting teams, a new entrance has been built in the area of the upper Kehrweg, opposite the BRF radio station. Up to 17 buses can park there for security level C games, the highest security level. The T4B stand can accommodate 761 guests.

Conversion in 2 phases

In an effort to complete the stand reallocation by the 11th game day of the Pro League when KAS Eupen hosts KV Mechelen at 20:00 on Saturday, 21st October, the first conversion measures have been taken within the grounds of the stadium. The necessary first phase of the construction measures was completed right on the deadline with the building of a new separate access for guests and the separation of the T4B stand as well as construction of a ticket office and WC containers. In addition, temporary ticket offices have been built for home fans in front of the main entrance and extra security cameras (now there are 22 cameras in total) have been installed.

In a second phase, the expansion of the emergency exit at the T2 as well as the new emergency exit doors between the T4B and T4A stands will be performed over the next few months. This work should be completed by the end of January 2018. When all of the work is finished, the stadium will have a capacity of 6735.

Upon completion of the second conversion phase, the stadium may accommodate a full capacity of 8335.

Capacity of the Kehrweg Stadium: 8335 upon completion of the conversion

By the end of all the conversion measures in phase 2 (scheduled for the end of January 2018), the Kehrweg Stadium will be able to accommodate a total of 8335 spectators:

4942 seats will be available in the area designated for home fans: 604 in the T1 stand, 189 in the business area, 1891 in the T2 stand and 2258 in the T3 stand. 2632 standing places will also be available to home fans: T1bis: 550 places, T2: 982 places, and T4A: 1100 places.

In the area reserved for fans of visiting teams, 96 seats and 665 standing places will be available in the T4B stand (= 761 places for guests in total).

There will also be 15 wheelchair places and 15 seats for those accompanying wheelchair users – these are not calculated as part of the stadium capacity.

Prior to the reallocation of stands, the safety capacity of the stadium was 8084.

Until all of the conversion measures have been completed, the T4A stand will completely unavailable and the T2 stand can only be used temporarily for 2370 spectators rather than the usual 2873. So 1603 seats will be unavailable for the time being. Thus the capacity of the stadium is currently 6732.

Main entrance on the Kehrweg for all KAS fans

Important renovations associated with the reallocation of stands are not only for visitors to the T4 stand, which previously offered only standing places, who will now switch to the T2 stand. From now on, the entrance to all of the home fan stands in the stadium (T1, T1bis, T2 and T3) will be via the entrances on the Kehrweg on the right and left of the T2 stand.  Extra ticket counters are available on the forecourt of the stadium. The Schönefeld entrance will be closed off. AS fans can park on the strips at the side of the Frankendelle, even for security level C games. Café Penalty can now be reached and used by visitors to all stand areas before and especially after games as a meeting point for all KAS fans.

New: Visiting fans shall gain access the via the top of Kehrweg

 As of 21st October, fans of visiting teams will be able to reach KAS Eupen’s stadium via the upper Kehrweg. The guest entrance is opposite the radio station of the BRF. For security level C games, 17 parking spaces for buses transporting fans of visiting teams are available at the lower end of the artificial pitch and on both sides of the upper Kehrweg.

Access to the new stand for guest fans, the T4B stand, is via a new route along the artificial pitch to the ticket counter between the artificial pitch and KAS Eupen’s pitch B.

T4B guest stand accommodates 761 spectators

 For fans of visiting teams, a total of 761 places are now available in the T4B stand in the Kehrweg Stadium. These are 761 standing places, but in the next few weeks, 665 standing places and 96 seats will be available.

Roads blocked during security level C games

During games of the highest security level C, the police will set up a road block in the upper area of the Kehrweg, behind the entrance to the BRF radio station. Buses transporting fans of visiting teams will reach the stadium via the Judenstrasse/Kaperberg/Kehrweg roundabout via Schönefeld, Eichenberg and Kehrweg.