Sport, fun and games at the summer camp hosted by KAS and FC Eupen

170 kids experienced a fantastic end to their summer holidays at the football camp hosted by the youth football community of KAS and FC Eupen. Attended by 23 coaches, children and young people between the ages of 4 and 14 practised their football skills during training sessions, in games and in tournaments on the grounds at FC Eupen. The visit by KAS Eupen’s professional footballers, stadium visits in Düsseldorf and Kerkrade and the high level of catering by the kitchen staff provided variety and put all of the camp participants in a good mood.

23 coaches

The summer camp was led by Alessio Krafft. Dean Hoen, Ruben Ordonez, Andy Reuter and Heinz Treinen were responsible for running the sports. Supported by 23 coaches, they ensured that the children were divided not only by age but also by size and that all the children could get their money’s worth. The kitchen staff of Angela Kohnen with Werner Rosengarten, Norbert ‘Schalke’ Cremer and other volunteers helped take care of physical welfare.

Playing with KAS Eupen’s professional footballers

Not entirely unexpectedly, KAS Eupen’s visit proved to be one of the highlights of the football camp. The full first team attended the summer camp and joined the children’s training groups to play football together with them. Afterwards, Luis Garcia, Hendrik Van Crombrugge, Mbaye Leye and all their teammates were very much in demand. 

Esprit Arena Düsseldorf and Parkstad Limburg Stadium

Touring large stadiums also forms an important part of the Eupen football camp. On Thursday, the older kids were able to take a look behind the scenes at the Esprit Arena in Düsseldorf, while on Friday, the younger kids visited the stadium of Dutch star club Roda Kerkrade.

Many helpers and sponsors 

The summer camp closed with the parents of the young footballers joining them on the grounds of FC Eupen on Friday afternoon and celebrating the end of the communal week of sports with a hearty barbecue party. It provided an opportunity for Mario Kohnen, the youth division director at KAS Eupen, to take stock. “We are extremely happy, because everything has turned out so well. In addition to the impeccable organisation, we also had very good luck this time with the weather. Most important, though, was the use of may helpers on the pitch and in the kitchen, without which a camp on this scale is not possible. As sponsors, we were supported by Michael Johnen, Philipp’s Partyservice and Schmetz-Generet butchery, who helped enable us to host the camp at a good price. I would like to offer sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the success of the camp.

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