High-risk matches

In consultation between the Belgian Football Authority and the security agencies, the football matches of the 1st and 2nd division are classified into three categories according to risk. Therefore, among other things, access to the stadium for the fans of the home and away teams is controlled. In the Kehrweg Stadium the following provisions apply to fans of KAS Eupen in matches in security categories A, B and C:

Category A

A match with the lowest risk classification means that fans of KAS Eupen with a ticket can access the stands T1, T1bis, T3 and T4 via the Schönefelderweg entrance. The ticket office at the Schönefelderweg entrance is reserved for home fans and the ticket office on the Kehrweg side is for away fans. Only corporate clients have access via the Kehrweg side.

Category B

A home game in this category requires no other regulations for spectators.

Category C

For matches in the highest security classification, access to the stadium for fans of KAS Eupen is controlled as for matches in Categories A and B, but additional arrangements shall apply to approach routes.

As a result, only the Schönefelderweg entrance is accessible for all fans of KAS Eupen (excluding corporate clients). The ticket office on the Kehrweg side is only for away fans. The seated stand T2 is only accessible to away fans due to the strict segregation of fans.

In matches of this category, Frankendelle and a section of Kehrweg are closed to traffic. Holders of a parking permit for the Kehrweg Stadium can access their parking spaces via Eichenberg or Bellmerin.