Table Ronde Area Meeting at the Kehrweg Stadium

Service club Table Ronde 50 Eupen hosted the large meeting of the provinces Liège and Luxembourg on Thursday. 180 members from 20 Table Ronde associations convened in KAS Eupen’s business club and the focal point of the evening was, of course, football. The programme included a football tournament on the artificial pitch at the Kehrweg Stadium, a meal together and a meeting with KAS CEO Christoph Henkel and KAS professional footballer Mbaye Leye. They handed over 25 tickets to the Kehrweg Stadium to each of the 20 clubs in the Table Ronde as part of the new “Kick for Joy” campaign. The evening turned out to be a complete success and it was already past midnight when the last guests made their way home.

Podium positions for TR Verviers and St. Vith

The guests of the Table Ronde kicked off the evening in a sporting fashion: 8 teams had signed up for the Soccer Cup, and KAS Eupen, as host, also participated with its administration team. KAS Eupen exploited its home advantage and emerged as the winner of the tournament. The team from Verviers was runner-up, pipping the Table Ronde team from St. Vith.

Meet-and-greet with Mbaye Leye

After the tournament, the official component of the evening began with the welcoming of guests and a fantastic dinner prepared by Party Service Kurt Schmidt, KAS Eupen’s catering partner. KAS CEO Christoph Henkel gave the members of the Table Ronde a more detailed presentation of KAS Eupen and Mbaye Leye answered questions from the football fan guests. The two gentlemen handed over a total of 500 tickets to the Kehrweg Stadium to the representatives of the 20 clubs of the Table Ronde. The tickets will be used by the Table Ronde for its “Kick for Joy” campaign over the course of this season.

Impressed and grateful

On the day after the area meeting, Alexander Pons from Table Ronde 50 was extremely positive about the event held in KAS Eupen’s business club: “The evening was a great success, from our point of view. We are impressed and grateful for KAS Eupen’s wonderful cooperation. Our contact Jessica Loo and everyone at the club offered us lots of support and made sure that we could experience this perfectly organised evening and enjoy it. KAS Eupen has shown itself to be a very welcoming professional club and I am sure that every single one of our 180 guests has come away with a good impression of KAS Eupen and that many of them will return with their friends. Special highlights for us included the meet-and-greet with Mbaye Leye and the extremely generous gesture on the part of KAS Eupen to provide our club with a total of 500 tickets for the “Kick for Joy” campaign. I would like to thank KAS Eupen on behalf of the entire Table Ronde.”