The 2nd edition of Ballsportschule (ball sports school)

It reopens for the youngest participants next week.

The managers of the 3 clubs (KAS, FC and KTSV Eupen) are delighted to announce the 2nd edition of Ballsportschule. From 13th September, the participants will be divided this time into 2 groups. The success of the 1st edition, attended by up to 35 children aged between 3 and 5, motivated the clubs to extend the project to 2 groups. “The challenge of accommodating two groups revolved around the availability of time in the indoor halls, since almost all indoor halls in Eupen were booked. The ZFP hall at Monschauerstrasse now offers us the times and opportunities that we urgently need,” said Mario Kohnen from KAS Eupen.

The whole team, led by coaches Grégory Kriescher and Michaël Bricteux, remain enthusiastic about the project and will be assisted in looking after the children by supervisors Tanja Radermacher and Eva Bosten. “I am glad that we can continue working with the same team in terms of the sporting aspect. They have been able to build on their experiences in the spring and will use this to develop further during the 2nd edition of Ballsportschule,” said Guido Königshoven. Both groups have been split according to the ages of the children and will comprise a maximum of 25 children. The smaller groups will allow for an improved and more targeted monitoring of the children.

The Ballsportschule thus opens on Wednesday, 13th September. The first group will train from 16:00 to 17:00, while the second group will train from 17:000 to 18:00. A few places are still available. Last-minute participants should please contact the KAS Eupen office in Eupener Unterstadt in order to register. The 2nd edition comprises 16 sessions and will last until 17th January 2018 (the Ballsportschule will not be held over the school holidays).

“We are already looking forward to seeing all the bright, cheerful faces of the children when we go back next week,” said coach Grégory Kriescher.

The whole team hopes that everyone has a lot of fun and has a fantastic time.