The reallocation of stands in the Kehrweg Stadium has proved a success

The reallocation of stands in the Kehrweg Stadium, which was completed in mid-October, has proved a success. This is the conclusion reached by those responsible for the City of Eupen, the Weser-Göhl police zone and KAS Eupen in a joint press conference in Eupen’s city hall. With the long-awaited reallocation of stands, KAS fans have been moved to the T2 stand, previously reserved for guest fans, and supporters of visiting teams can now use the 761 seats in the T4 stand. The reallocation has brought with it numerous changes to the entrances of the stadium, the parking areas and last but not least the security arrangements for match days. This has all been achieved without any problems.

Risk games have also proceeded smoothly

“Since the reallocation of stands, we have hosted 4 games so far in the stadium, with guest appearances from Anderlecht, Antwerp and Bruges, each with a sold-out block for visiting fans during the category C risk games. That being said, everything has gone well in terms of security,” emphasised Mayor Karl-Heinz Klinkenberg. The Mayor also alluded to a significant improvement in the parking situation around the stadium: “The buses transporting visiting fans parked in the upper Kehrweg have been able to arrive, park and leave without any problems. Many AS fans now use the parking areas on the Frankendelle and the burden on those living in the residential district of Schönefeld has declined significantly,” said the Mayor.

Constant improvements

In his capacity as police chief of the Weser-Göhl police zone, Daniel Keutgen drew a positive conclusion from the reallocation of stands. “Thanks to the good level of cooperation displayed by all partners and services, we have been well-prepared to handle the new situation and have been able to implement our security arrangements. Nevertheless, every game is balanced by all parties involved, which means we are constantly improving our arrangements. It’s an ongoing process,” said the police chief.

Important step for KAS Eupen

The reallocation of stands has been a long-held dream of KAS Eupen pursued for years, and, thanks to the fantastic cooperation of the city and the police, has been able to implement.  Thus, KAS Eupen has had a number of expectations for the project, the majority of which have been fulfilled. “The reallocation of stands has proved a success for KAS Eupen in many respects,” declared KAS Finance Director Thomas Herbert at the press conference in the Eupen city hall. “The road closures in the Kehrweg are now less of a disruption, the living situation for our neighbours in the residential district of Schönefeld has improved significantly and the fans are glad that they can finally enter the stadium via the main entrance and meet in the Café Penalty, and the large T2 stand not only provides more space but also a better atmosphere,” said Thomas Herbert.

The team feels the support

Not least, the KAS Eupen team is benefitting from the new situation. In this context, Thomas Herbert reported that the players have been positive in their appraisal, because they have benefitted from the good atmosphere and can experience the vital support from the fans more intensely.