The youth tournament hosted by KAS and FC Eupen was again a resounding success

It was something that the organisers, participants and spectators of the final of the 3rd Dieter Steffens Cup hosted by FC Eupen did not foresee: at around 18:00 last Saturday, when the final match of the U9 youth tournament was entering its closing stages, a severe thunderstorm forced the organisers to abandon the tournament early. The awards ceremony scheduled for the tournament venue had to be relocated to the FC canteen. As with the U8 tournament, which ended in the early afternoon, KAS Eupen’s juniors came away with the winner’s trophy. A total of 29 teams from East Belgium, the area of Liège-Verviers and the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia participated in the tournament.

Satisfied participants

“It’s a pity that the storm ultimately interrupted the proceedings and we had to improvise,” said tournament director Helmut De Bruecker. “Nevertheless, our overall record remains very positive following the 3rd edition of the KAS and FC Eupen joint youth tournament. The participants were enthusiastic about the organisation and atmosphere at the tournament, and when they left they promised to return next year, so what more could you want?”

29 teams from Belgium and Germany

A total of 29 teams from the U8 and U9 age groups registered for the summer tournament hosted by the KAS and FC Eupen youth football community. In addition to the youth teams fielded by the host teams, neighbouring club Union Kelmis, the Raeren-Eynatten youth football community, RFC Goé, AC Hombourg and Etoile Elsaute also attended. Other tournament participants from East Belgium included the Eifel youth football community WEB and RFC Malmundaria. The Liège-Verviers area was represented by BFMA Visé, Ecole des Jeunes Fléron and RFC Heusy. German teams included Glück-Auf Ofden Alsdorf, SV Breinig and Spielvereinigung Frechen 1920. The kids from Frechen were staying with their supervisors at the nearby youth hostel and were delighted to be allowed to take part as player escorts at the evening match between KAS Eupen and Oostende.

KAS Eupen two-time tournament winner 

KAS Eupen’s juniors came away with the winner’s trophy for both the U8 and U9 age groups. In the U8 competition, KAS Eupen beat Ecole des Jeunes Fléron and BMFA Visé to the top spot.
In the U9 category, Eupen claimed the trophy ahead of SpVg Frechen 1920 and the youth football community of Raeren-Eynatten.

Fair Play awards to RFC Goé and SV Breinig

The winners of the Fair Play awards were selected as part of the “Parents Fair Play” campaign, which FC Eupen is also running. This award went to RFC Goé in the U8 tournament and to the coach and players of SV Breinig in the U9 tournament. Having to make do without substitutes and being on the wrong end of many heavy defeats, they were nevertheless always exemplary in terms of their fair play.

Young FC players as referees

Matches were played in 15-minute intervals according to the Swiss system. The organisational team of Helmut De Bruecker, Brigitte Fatzaun, Alessio Krafft, Nicolas Collubry and Roland Buchholz managed to cope with the workload without any problems. FC Eupen’s U12 players, who were employed as referees and did their best at that, also contributed to the great atmosphere. The booth from Sallys Creation got many visitors, as they could get a free make-up and experience the turnament as spider man & Co.


485 goals, 500 euros for LOVOS 

This year marked the first time that KAS Eupen was supported by the LOVOS association during the youth tournament for the Dieter Steffens Cup. On the initiative of the youth committee of KAS and FC Eupen, the Michael Johnen car dealership agreed to donate one euro for every goal scored.  The goal-hungry tournament participants scored 485 goals and thus earned 485 euros. The youth committee has thus been able to hand over to KAS Eupen’s social partner, the LOVOS association, a total sum rounded up to 500 euros. The money will flow via LOVOS to Vinzenz Verein Eupen.


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